China apparel brands set sights on global high-fashion arena

With international recognition in mind, China designers are developing high-end styles that can challenge western apparel brands.

Manufacturers and designers in China are getting ready to take their home-grown brands to the next level. While it may take many years for these labels to appear alongside Burberry and LV on the fashion streets of Paris and Milan, China designers are slowly but surely getting there.

“The apparel industry in China is moving from pure manufacturing to design and innovation, driving China brands to become more well-known and prestigious, ultimately accelerating the economy further. The 12th Five-Year Plan of China aims for China to have between three and five internationally recognized brands and 100 nationally renowned brands,” said Merle Hinrichs, executive chairman of Global Sources, a leading b2b media company and a primary facilitator of trade with Greater China.

Take a look at some of these high-fashion designs from selected brands that participated in the China (Shenzhen) International Brand Clothing & Accessories Fair in July 2012.

Beautilook: Blossoming beauty

Inspired by the beauty of architecture, the brand Beautilook exudes simplicity and delicateness. Blossoming – the theme for its 2012 autumn and winter collection – boasts colorful designs made of carefully selected fabrics from Japan and France. Hanbo Enterprises Ltd is the sole distributor of Beautilook.

EIN: Natural and rebellious

Elegance in Nature is what EIN stands for. Weaving together Northern Europe’s design concepts of nature and rebellion, the brand’s latest collection highlights quality not vanity.

Shenzhen Vi-ein Fashion Stock Co. Ltd owns EIN

MYMO: East meets West

With a professional team composed of senior designers from France, Portugal and China, MYMO smartly combines Western and Oriental elements in its styles. The brand suits modern women who are in their 20s to 40s.

MYMO is created by Shenzhen Lifestyle Fashion & Accessories Co. Ltd.

Mascot: Striking a balance

Opening its first store in 2002, Mascot’s business is driven by its love for the Chinese culture. Now, it has grown into a garment chain company with over 80 franchised stores, integrating designing, manufacturing and marketing. Inspired by the Doctrine of the Mean by Confucius, the designs keep a balance between art and business. Mascot is also known for using home-grown printed fabrics, embroidery and bold colors.

Only Simple: Italian flavor

Originating in Italy, Only Simple or OS highlights harmony, simplicity, femininity and comfort. The brand by Shenzhen Only Simple Fashion Co. Ltd positions itself as a designer of high-end casual garments created using superb techniques and high-quality fabrics.

Bohemia: Be free

“Travel the city wearing Bohemia.” Just like its name, the brand promotes being free, romantic and natural. Bohemia Garments & Accessories is the sole distributor.

Season Wind: Girl power

“Femininity without showing off” is the idea behind Season Wind’s selections. Designed for the dignified and intellectual woman, the clothes reflect originality, fabric quality and intricate design details. Season Wind is a brand of Shenzhen Xingtai Season Wind Garment and Accessories Co. Ltd.

CommeLun: Standout simplicity

Shenzhen-based CommeLun advocates “uninhibited romanticism.” Suited for the modern man and woman, the designs are straightforward yet graceful; low-profile but a standout. Innovative fabrics and sewing techniques lend extra sophistication to Shenzhen CommeLun Fashion Co. Ltd’s brand.

FGFEEL: Feeling good

FGFEEL (Feel Good Feel) conveys freedom, health and candidness. The designs are timeless and delicate. Shenzhen Piaoerqian Fashion Co. Ltd has been creating original designs for the brand since 2000.

Wonderful: Attitude defined

Self-confidence and freedom of expression are behind every Wonderful creation. Using mostly black, gray and white as base colors, the brand has a pursuit for concise details. It mixes femininity and decisiveness, making it perfect for the young career woman. Shenzhen Wonderful Business Development Co. Ltd owns the brand.

Eachway: Clean lines

Elegant yet natural. Generous yet self-restrained. These characterize Eachway’s apparel for men and women. Every design is made of environment-friendly and natural fabrics. Black, white, gray, beige, apricot and brown are typical in Eachway’s color palette. The brand is owned by Eachway Fashion Group.

A/E: For the working woman

Adapting to every change in trend or season, Shenzhen Liannu Fashion Co. Ltd’s A/E brand offers European, Oriental and Bohemian-inspired garments for the modern working girl. Its design concepts are “professional, gentle, lovely and casual.”

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