Rainbows from the East– NE●TIGER shines at 2013 German-China Culture Festival


Top fashion brand NE TIGER attended the 2013 German-Chinese Culture Festival at the Chinese Culture Center in Berlin from May 24 to June 16. The event coincided with Premier Li Keqiang’ s visit to Germany.

Titled “Rainbows from the East Inherit Classics” NE TIGER’s collection of luxury garments exemplified the pinnacle of China’s fashion culture – a 5,000-year evolution that incorporates the art of 56 ethnicities.


Distinguished guests from political and business circles were stunned by NE TIGER’s splendid Chinese garments. Among its models was Hu Bing, an international male fashion model and actor who has long cooperated with the brand.

NE TIGER’s designs draw on history and blend Chinese elements with Western styles. The garments frequently incorporate minority ethnic elements in ways that suit modern styles and appeal to Chinese tastes.


It makes frequent use of Yun embroidery, where one inch is considered as valuable as a pound of gold, as well as precious and colorful silk needlework, knots, papercuts and paintings. Each garment radiates Chinese flavor and NE TIGER luxury.


China has a long history of producing luxury goods such as silk, porcelain, gold, silver, jade and tea, all of which met with incredible worldwide demand. Today, Chinese luxury brands are emerging again to compete with the world’s best, and NE TIGER is at the forefront.


The brand remains dedicated to competing with Western luxury brands on the world market and reviving Chinese luxury culture.

“Chinese garments represent the spirit of China’s nationalities,” said Zhang Zhifeng, creator and art supervisor of NE TIGER. “In a globalized world, the 5,000-year history of Chinese fashion is an important element of shared culture. China is leading world fashion trends together with European and American culture, and will open a new era of splendid civilization and fashion!”

NE TIGER’s latest collection is more than an assortment of Chinese emblems: it is a symbol of national strength and rich history. The brand sees itself as personally responsible for reviving Chinese fashion culture and bringing traditional Chinese garments to the world.

by Xiao Xiao @ InteractChina.com

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