Chinese Fashion Designer Displays Beauty of Traditional Chinese Culture to World


Chu Yan has scored some remarkable successes in her dual roles in life: As a teacher, she has gained rich teaching experience — at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT, China’s premiere educational facility associated with fashion) — over the past 10-plus years; and as a fashion designer, she has won prizes at many national and international fashion-design competitions. Even better, she created her own fashion brand — “Chuhe Tingxiang” — in 2011. In recent years, Chu has been dedicated to showing the artistic beauty of Chinese dresses to the world.

Amazing Chinese Fashions

The China Cultural Center (established by the Chinese Government, with outlets in many cities in the world), on the left bank of the Seine River, in Paris, had a full house during the evening of February 25,2013 when Chinese and French models strutted along the catwalks flaunting the latest Chinese fashions.

The show was sponsored by the China Cultural Center and the International Cultural Exchange Center (under China’s Ministry of Culture) in Paris. Chu Yan’s fashions — the models wore 29 of her designs — impressed many of the spectators. Many celebrities, from Chinese and French cultural, fashion and business circles, shared their favorable impressions of the young Chinese fashion designer’s works.

Chu, born in 1975, was hired, in 2001, to teach at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT) after she had received a master’s degree in fashion design from the school. Ten years later, she created her own fashion brand — “Chuhe Tingxiang.”

Chu applied the vegetation-dyeing technology (an ancient Chinese dyeing technology, in which flower and plant extracts are used to dye materials) in her designs for the 2013 spring and summer lines of clothing. She hoped, through her fashions, that people would perceive the elegant, serene and beautiful taste of traditional Chinese culture. Now, Chu custom tailors dresses and develops designs for famous-brand clothing suppliers.

“Paris’ China Cultural Center plans to organize fashion shows every year, to offer Chinese fashion designers opportunities to display their talent,” says Chu. “I’m lucky enough to be the first Chinese fashion designer chosen by the center.”

Chu is grateful for the foreign models, who went to the extra effort to receive training, prior to the fashion show, so they could get used to strutting along the catwalks to slow, melodious tunes played on the guqin (seven-stringed plucked Chinese instrument, which is similar to the zither).


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