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We can read a lot of from the color of traditional lingerie. There are different colour schemes for different scenes, areas and identity, as well as other aspects of life.

Different colours have different symbolic meanings and have different connotations to different people.

Red: happiness, marriage, elimination of a disaster, passion, indulgence


Corset: Period – Middle Qing Dynasty


Yellow: royalty, value, power, religion (Buddhism) and fantasy


Dudou: Period – Early Qing Dynasty


Dudou: Period – Middle Qing Dynasty


Purple: wealth, mystery, power, depression and melancholy


Dudou: Period – Middle Qing Dynasty


Green: nature, civil, purity, life and youth

302.pngDudou: Period – Middle Qing Dynasty


Blue: elegance, purity, civil and modest

308.pngDudou: Period – The Republic of China Era

311.pngDudou: Period – Late Qing Dynasty


Brown: maturity, honesty, modesty and tolerance

315.pngPaddy Field Dudou: Period – Late Qing Dynasty


Black: stability, strength, mystery and depth

301.pngDudou: Period – Late Qing Dynasty


White: simple, childish, bright and religion (Muslim)

303.pngPart Dudou: Period – Late Qing Dynasty


Gold and silver: success, luxury, auspiciousness and nobility

317.pngPart Dudou: Period – Late Qing Dynasty

321.pngPart Dudou: Period – Late Qing Dynasty


Traditional Chinese underwear often uses progression of colour gradients.

312.pngPart Dudou: Period – Late Qing Dynasty


Like traditional Chinese clothing, traditional lingerie also shows class through use of colour. There is an order of colour that shows one’s class, from nobility to middle class: bright yellow, gold and silver – purple – red – brown – green – blue – black, white and gray.

The colour of lingerie is also related to age. Dark colours such as dark brown, dark blue and black are often used by middle-aged women.

At the same time, the use of colour in ancient Chinese lingerie has a strong geographical connection. Such as:

– Jiangnan (an area in southern China) woman love light green and light blue.
– Shaanxi (province in northwest China) people prefer to use a variety of colour combinations  containing gray.

– The Saibei plateau (a region in northwest China) like to embroider colourful patterns on white cloth.

– The Minnan (region in southeast China) loves geometric patterns as well as embroidery of birds and flowers on a black and white background


The different colours used will bring different visual effects and feelings to people.

319.pngPart Dudou: Period – The Republic of China Era

Using intense colour contrast brings strong emotions.


316.pngBody Coat: Period – The Republic of China Era

Low saturation decor with a bright red background displays an elegant style.


322.pngPart Dudou: Period – Late Qing Dynasty

Good use of complementary colours creates a strong visual impact.


309.pngPart Dudou: Period – Early Qing Dynasty

The use of similar tones creates a subtle and reserved feeling.


318.pngPart Dudou: Period – Middle Qing Dynasty

The combination of small usage of light colours and a small amount of pure block colour makes the piece seem harmonious.

314.pngDudou: Period – Middle Qing Dynasty

The decorative use of the same colour is simple and generous.


The rich knowledge and intuition of this traditional lingerie colour shows the exquisite thinking of the ancient people of China.




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